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For M.


After the last bigger disappointment

and the only lost chance I ever saw

(though it was just a back view from far ‘way

and not that enchanting to say the truth)


it was maybe its smile that made it

that touched a chord inside my broken chest

that renewed what was long forgotten here

in that rainily howling soul of mine


being cooled down to a level of loss

I discovered first a deep addiction

after just a few minutes of silence

with exhausting shouting all around me


later I had to admit my defeat

with all the battered ideals it contains

and abandoned the hope of harmony

that fills both soul and body forever


and with vividest signs of unconcern

I deserted it forever in hope

‘cause knowing I found the love of my life

meant to keep it as a warm memory


so I smiled an earnest acrid good-bye

and went on down the cold road of mercy

and crammed in the rearmost corner of thought

what I carried with me to treasure it there


for the remaining days of my life.


 - - - In englischer Sprache - ich weiß nicht, was mich momentan reitet. Ansonsten: Meinen Dank für ein paar unvergessene Stunden. - - -

12.10.08 03:20

At last


Going down the last street

coming from the present

heading to where no future is left

see the last street lanterns

enlightening the blue birds

accompanying you

and remember how lanterns

used to glow in your lost memories

and how birds used to fly

when time went forward

and never circled


and reaching the last gate

overgrown with ivy

and colourless roses

take hold of the smell of dust

and long forgotten cities

in a far, far east

and when asked

a last,

final question

you shall not



 - - - Entstanden in der Pause einer Aufführung von Kleists "Amphitryon" im Schauspielhaus Frankfurt. - - -

12.10.08 03:30


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